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The North Cascades District serves Skagit, Whatcom, San Juan Counties and Whidbey Island.

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Key District Leadership

  • District Chair: Derrick Bovenkamp, (360) 220-2934, derrick@bovenkamp.us
  • District Commissioner: Jim Rhodes, (360) 734-8246, james.c.rhodes@gmail.com
  • District Director: Sven Gilkey, (360) 632-6999, sven.gilkey@scouting.org
  • District Executive: Blake Jones, (360) 310-8522, blake.jones@scouting.org

Commissioner Staff Meetings and District Executive Committee Meetings are held the third and fourth Thursdays of the month respectively starting at 6PM at the Washington Federal Savings branch in Burlington off of Fairhaven.

District Mail Chimp Communication

In an effort to insure that all unit leaders in North Cascades District get critical communication in addition to the regular news sent using the Mount Baker Council Constant Contact lists the leadership of North Cascades had developed a separate Mail Chimp email list that is smaller and more manageable and used more often with directed communications. Thank you for you interest in Scouting here in North Cascades District we look forward to sharing with you more information about Scouting through out Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan and Island Counties.


Baden-Powell Dinners in North Cascades

Our District Director and other members of the District Key 3 will be hosting monthly dinners through out North Cascades District. Click on the Vote Button to the right  to find out where next months Dinner will be and vote on the restaurant.

2020 North Cascades District Court of Honor

The 2020 District Court of Honor is set for March 28th and it is not an event you will want to miss out on! Held at the The Heritage Flight Museum off of Highway 20 in Skagit Valley you will need to stow your carry on and fasten your safety belt for this adventure into the limitless skies of Scouting!  Tickets will be available for coach and first class seating in mid January by clicking below!