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The North Cascades District serves Skagit, Whatcom, San Juan Counties and Whidbey Island.

Updates and Resources: COVID-19

Decisions about unit meetings and activities should be made by unit leadership and chartering organizations based on the unit’s individual circumstances, current CDC and local health department guidelines, and common sense. The chartered organization may have policies or protocols that have been put in place in response to COVID-19. Remember that the Chartered Organization “owns” your Scouting unit and has ultimate authority in these decisions.

As of March 19th these are the status of North Cascades Events.

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Key District Leadership

  • District Chair: Derrick Bovenkamp, (360) 220-2934, derrick@bovenkamp.us
  • District Commissioner: Jim Rhodes, (360) 734-8246, james.c.rhodes@gmail.com
  • District Director: Sven Gilkey, (360) 632-6999, sven.gilkey@scouting.org
  • District Executive: Blake Jones, (360) 310-8522, blake.jones@scouting.org

Commissioner Staff Meetings and District Executive Committee Meetings are held the third and fourth Thursdays of the month respectively starting at 6PM at the Washington Federal Savings branch in Burlington off of Fairhaven.

District Communications

This is Scouter Rob, he is our communications mascot. He represents the promise we have made to work hard to communicate effectively the vision of the Scouting Movement here in the North Cascades District.

North Cascades District has a number of ways we communicate with the Scouts and Scouters throughout the District including Facebook, Instagram, two email lists and text messages through Remind. We are always looking 

Upcoming District Events

World Scouting Jamboree on the Internet

Many Scout activities have been cancelled. School’s out. We miss our friends. Our community needs our help. But Scouting never stops.

This special edition of our largest digital jamboree will allow you to connect to others, learn new skills, bring Scouting online, and build new friendships during this challenging time. We’ll foster teamwork and intercultural interaction while enhancing safe social engagement and wellbeing. 

CLICK HERE for more information about this event

CLICK HERE to join the North Cascades Contingent 

17 Days x 17 Sustainable Development Goals Challenge 

Coming Soon is a 17 Day Challenge to learn about the 17 SDG’s of the World Scouting “Scouts for SDG Project”

Saint George Day Celebration

Did you know that Saint George is the patron saint of Scouting?

Also did you know that around the world on Saint Georges Day Scouts reaffirm themselves to their own promise of chivalry… the Scout Promise!

In the face of the current COVID-19 many of the worlds St George Day Celebration are getting pushed online. Check out the event page on the Scouting From Home group for information about such events around the world and here in North Cascades District!

Click here to visit the St Geoge Event Page on Facebook

North Cascades Digital Pinewood Derby

We are looking to host a Pinewood Derby from the comfort of YOUR home, well most of us will be home. Check out the Facebook event page for more info as it becomes available.

Just because COVID-19 has all stuck at home doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get to race our cars! So Cub’s if you haven’t finished your car yet be sure to get it done by May 1st so it can be ready for the way in.

Click here to visit the Derby Event Page on Facebook

2020 North Cascades District Court of Honor

The 2020 District Court of Honor is set for June 6th and it is not an event you will want to miss out on! Held at the The Heritage Flight Museum off of Highway 20 in Skagit Valley you will need to stow your carry on and fasten your safety belt for this adventure into the limitless skies of Scouting!  Tickets will be available for coach and first class seating in mid January by clicking below!

Click here for Court of Honor Registration

Baden-Powell Dinners in North Cascades

Our District Director and other members of the District Key 3 will be hosting monthly dinners through out North Cascades District. It will be a buy your own meal dinner but it will give Scouters from across the district the opportunity to meet. You don’t have to wait for the dinner nearest you, if your up for the drive all are welcome but quarterly the dinner will be hosted in each of the legacy districts.

Click on the Vote Button to the right  to find out where next months Dinner will be and vote on the restaurant.

Click Here for Location Votes and Results

Cub Twilight/Day Camp

Our District is proud to be hosting three Cub Scout Day Camps and are excited to have as many of our Cub Scouts attending!

– Berthusen Park Twilight Cub Camp (Lynden) – June 29 – July 3, 2020 from 4-8PM

– Oak Harbor Twilight Cub Camp – July 13 – 17, 2020 from 5-9PM

– Fire Mountain Day Camp (Mount Vernon) – August 10 – 13, 2020 from 9-3PM

Registration is done through your pack coordinator including payment. You can get your registration information to your coordinator though by filling out online forms found in the link below.

Click here for Day Camp Registration Forms