Welcome to Recruitment

In Cub Scouts we are all about adventure and after the last few years we are on a mission to help families discover how Scouting can help them AdventureOn! Together, let’s get back to adventures!  Back to fun, family, and friends!  Back to helping young people become the best future versions of themselves.  We’re all ready to put down our screens (even if just for a few moments) to experience “real”.  Real nature, real friendships, real excitement!  It’s time to help families discover Scouting!  Here are resources to find and engage interested families. 

We have a PLAN... to Adventure!!

Don’t worry, you aren’t in this alone, the Council Membership Team has your back. The plans and materials on this page are meant to support our efforts as a movement to offer Scouting to every family! Work the plan and we hope the plan will work for you.


Log your Pack's Join Night info!

In order to help us guide families to your Pack we are asking for some key information from every Cub Pack. This information will be used to promote your join night and connect prospective Scouting families to YOUR pack. Please take a moment to fill out as much information as possible on the form linked below.

Promote Your Unit Through PeachJar

With visibility within schools lessening and the decrease in paper flyers being sent home by schools, many Districts are turning to PeachJar as a way to communicate with parents. 

If your Unit would like to submit a join night or recruiting activity to your area via PeachJar the Council is hear to help!

Fill out the form below and send your flyer to [email protected]. The Council will place your flyer into the appropriate PeachJar distribution lists to help promote your activity.  

Need help creating a flyer?  Here are some fillable options that you can customize for your Unit.




Recruitment Resources and Videos

Mount Baker Kick-off

Adventure On!... by getting outside, to Fire Mountain Scout Camp

As we move into the back to school season and start our fall membership campaign many of us at requirement events and Join Scout Nights will be making the promise of outdoor adventure to new families. Lets make that escape happen with two great weekends at Fire Mountain Scout Camp!

Cub Scout Adventure Day

A fun day at Fire Mountain, open to all Cub Scouts. Activities include: archery, BB guns, fishing, hiking, crafts, field
sports, bouldering, and much more.  Cub Scout Adventure Day is all about making good on the promise of escaping the indoors for the OUTDOORS!

Haunted Camp

Haunted Camp is a day of spooky fun at Fire Mountain when we take the whole camp and turn it into one giant haunted house!! BOO!!

Who is invited: All Scouts (regardless of grade). Siblings and parents are welcome too. All Scouts are encouraged to bring a friend, and introduce them to all the great things Scouting has to offer.

Additional Resources

Local Membership Resources

These resources can be used year round to help you grow your unit.  These items can be checked out or requested from the Service Center:

     – Uniform Board

    – Opportunity Fund Worksheet

    – The “Adventure Begins Here” Banner

    – Youth and Adult BSA Applications

    – Flyer Back

    – Yard Signs

Looking for Scout images? Look no further then the Brand Center!

The BSA Brand Center is a collection of amazing stock photos, logos, Escape the Indoors promo images and so MUCH MORE!! Take a look to find the image you need to make that flyer POP!

BSA Online Registration

Online Registration is nothing new this year, but it’s becoming more and more the wave of the way our families want to register for any organization.

Both youth and adults can register online with differnt folks using my.scouting to approve the applications. Use the guidebook below to make sure your unit is ready to take apps ONLINE!


Much of the recruitment materials that we use today directs families to BeaScout.org so it would benefit units and the scouting movement to make sure that this tool is as accurate as possible.

National BSA’s BeAScout.org recruiting web site and tools available to unit leaders via my.scouting.org provide a way for potential members to reach a pack or troop.  CLICK HERE to visit the national site on online registration which provides useful information on how to update your information on BeAScout.org and manage registrations that could come in from the site.

Visit this site on how to manage your pin from my.scouting.org