Pilchuck District serves all of North & East Snohomish County, Camano Island and Skykomish

Pack Leaders – Let the District Membership Chair know your Join Cub Scouting Recruiting plans for this fall!
October 23 – Southeast Snohomish County Good Scout Luncheon – 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Honoring Eagle Scout Jared Anderson, MD. Dr. Anderson has a Family and Sports Medicine practice at The Everett Clinic and he volunteers for the Lake Stevens High School Athletic Department. You will often find him on the sidelines of high school sports games.

     Click here to get your virtual “ticket.” You can be a sponsor for the event. Contact Mike Messer, District Finance Chair for details.
     This link is enter the virtual recognition on October 23rd. The “doors” will be open at 11:45 am

District Committee

ChairmanErika Sigmon

CommissionerMac McCormick

Finance Chair Mike Messer

     Camp Card Captain – Raymond Williams

     Popcorn Kernel – Jessica Sanders

Membership Chair Reid Morgan

Program Chair Shea Afreth

     Activities & Civic Service Chair – vacant

     Advancement & Recognition Chair – Dwayne Baughman

          Eagle Service Projects Review – Dwayne Baughman

          Eagle Boards of Review CoordinatorScott Drown

     Camping (Outdoor Program) Chair – Linda Wright

           Day Camp Program – John Haushalter

           OA Chapter Advisor – Sean Blackburn
           OA Chapter Chief – Joshua C.

     Training Chair – Dave Wright

District Director – Dan’l Adams

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District Calendar

October 22 – District Committee Meeting

October 23 – Southeast Snohomish County Good Scout Luncheon

   -see above for details

November 5 – Commissioner Staff Meeting

November 12 – Roundtable

Cub Scout Stampede is CANCELLED

Wilderness & Remote First Aid Course is CANCELLED

January 23, 2021 – University of Scouting Virtual
February 6 & 20-21, 2021 – Winter Camping Seminar
March 26-27, 2021 – BALOO & IOLS Training

OA Chapter Meetings – contact Advisor Mr. Blackburn for dates and login information
Eagle Scout Boards of Review are generally the second Mondays of each month. Candidates will be contacted directly with the details.

Pilchuck District Roundtable

Roundtables will continue to be the second Thursday of the month! We will be using the Zoom Meeting platform. Please ensure that you have a free Zoom account in order to participate. If your internet connectivity is marginal, please consider going to your local library and either using one of their computers or access the wifi network there.

Roundtable is a uniformed event, so please wear yours. Also, the more people that attend from your Pack, Troop, Crew or Post the better. We’re working on a program to recognize the most attendees from one Unit each month. While you may be representing more than one Unit at Roundtable, you will have to pick which one you represent for the recognition. The link to join Roundtable is above in the Calendar section. Please display your name, position and Unit (eg: John Scouter, SA, Troop 123). If you are a minor, DO NOT display your last name (eg: Jane, SPL, Troop 2020).

We have exciting programs and activities planned. If you have any ideas for Roundtable please contact our Roundtable Commissioner, James Monroe.

Until further notice, the District Committee Meeting, District Commissioner Staff Meeting and Roundtable are using the Zoom online platform.

Eagle Boards of Review are at Hope Foursquare Church in Snohomish. Eagle Candidates will be provided details