Winter Skills Adventure Program

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Do you like snow?  Would you like to camp in the snow and sleep inside an igloo or some other kind of snow structure?  If you answered yes, then this is the program for you! 

The Winter Skills Adventure program (formerly known as the Winter Camping Seminar) will teach you how to camp in the snow.  This program addresses all aspects of winter camping and outdoor travel in a condensed classroom session and a guided field trip.  It is recommended that you have previous backpacking experience before participating in this program.  Our #1 goal is a safe and fun experience in the mountains. 

We will teach you how to camp in the snow:  you will build a snow structure for sleeping, learn how to dress warm and dry, how to sleep warm, how to cook in the snow, winter First Aid and basic survival skills and also learn how to identify and avoid dangerous avalanche conditions.  We’ll snowshoe into camp with our packs and have a fun adventure that you’ll always remember.

As we wrap up our 2021 Winter Skills Seminar, we are already planning for our 2022 Winter Adventure Skills program.  More information Coming Soon!


Wilderness Adventure Training Series

Winter Skills Adventure Training is part of our Wilderness Adventure Training Series intended to better prepare scouts and units for adventures in the backcountry.