Camping Events

Scouts love to camp, so it’s no supers that we have quite a few of our events that take place at camp! To get an even larger list of our camping programs check out the CAMP PROGRAMS page.

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Come as a Family

Adventure Day

Open to all Cub aged youth

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Open to all Scouts and the public


Attend as a Scouts BSA Troop


Scout BSA Troops and all Webelos

Training Events

Training of our youth and adult leaders is another corner stone of the type of activities that are organized at the District and Council level. The opportunity to not just learn the subject matter but to do so with fellow Scouts and Scouters from different units can add a lot to the quality of program and make the adventure all the better.

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Youth Leaders


Cub Scout Adult Leaders


Scout BSA Adult Leaders

All Adult Leaders

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All Adult Leaders

Recognition Events

Recognition of our amazing Scout leaders and the work they do as well as some our truly amazing young people is an important part of the Scouting movement. In our Packs and Troops these recognitions and awards are given out at Blue and Golds or Troop Court of Honors. The Council and Districts have their own ways of saying thank you. The Mount Baker Council Court of Honor is an annual event full of such recognitions, at the center being the presentation of our highest honor, the Silver Beaver. District Dinners or Court of Honors can be found on District Calendars or their District page.

"Special" Events

A “special” event is a fun activity conducted by the Mount Baker Council or one of it’s districts that doesn’t directly fit into the Scouting program. The function for these events are to provide a method and focus point for the Council to engage with donors and finical supporters of the Scouting program. They can be fun and engaging 

District Activities and Events

In addition to these actives and events our three districts often have their own events such as pinewood derbies, district dinners, and more. Check your District’s page to see if they have any events coming up not already listed on this page!