Den Chief Training

The Den Chief is a critical member of the Cub Scout leadership team. To be successful, he must realize how important his job really is. Den Chief Training is intended to build enthusiasm for the job, develop high morals, and teach the skill the Den Chief will need to be successful.

This half day training combines fun and enjoyment with an excellent character building experience. Participants will learn leadership, organization, and, most importantly, how to work with Cub Scouts.

Who benefits?

  • The troop gets a boy trained to bring the Cub into scouting.
  • The Cubs get a friend in the troop, usually their first Boy Scout friend.
  • The Den Chief gets the pride and satisfaction of being trained. He also gets rank and status. He can use it for rank advancement.

Den Chief Training is offered annually at the University of Scouting in late October.  Contact your district training chair if you’d like to see a course run at another time.  You may also take the online Den Chief Training at https://www.scouting.org/youth/den-chief-training/ or arrange to run the course as a pack or troop, with training chair approval.