Shooting Sports

Looking for Range Time?

Whether you are working on a Merit Badge, fine tuning your skills or just want some time on on the range, Mount Baker has you covered.  Our Council is loaded with skilled and experienced Shooting Sports Instructors and we have ranges that allow us to shoot an assortment of firearms, bows, tomahawks and Cowboy Action Shooting.

Join us at camp or book an event for your troop or district.  

Card cut with .22 caliber rifle with iron sights

Up for a challenge?  Come “Cut a Card” with a rifle, arrow or tomahawk. 


Purpose of BSA Shooting Sports

The Purpose of BSA shooting sports is to introduce youth to shooting. The BSA shooting programs are based on age appropriateness and safety with the goal of developing a positive shooting experience for each youth. 


Program Specific Information

Cub Scouts Shooting Sports

In May 2018 Cub Scout Shooting Sports Age Appropriate guidelines changed. 

The Cub Scout Shooting Sports documents are in process of being updated so please use the Age Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities for guidance on appropriate shooting sports programs .

Scouts BSA Shooting Sports

Venture & Sea Scout Shooting Sports


Shooting Sports and National Camping School/NCAP

Shooting Sports is an important part of our BSA camping operations. In order to have a safe and fun shooting sports program, the BSA has set forth safety standards and training for all volunteers and staff who will be in charge of Shooting Sports Activities. For a complete list of these standards, see the links below. 

National Camp Accreditation Program

National Camping School


National Shooting Sports Manual

Due to a large number of changes and additions to BSA Shooting Sports since the Shooting Sports Manual was released, here are some corrected and supplemental information to follow until a new Shooting Sports Manual is produced.

Shooting Sports Manual Supplement


Additional Shooting Sports Resources

BSA Range Design Standards

Download the design document: Range Design

Your council must engage an architect or engineer locally to ensure your final design incorporates local geography and is meeting all local standards and laws for your county or state.  The guidelines established are minimum standards, the final design must contain the projectile within the range. Designing an all-purpose range is not desirable because of the specific differences in the disciplines.

Procedures to Use Public or Private Property for a Shooting Sports Range

This worksheet must be used to determine if public or private land is suitable for use as a shooting sports range.

National BSA POC: [email protected]