Summer is the perfect time to recruit Scouts

Denise Lesniak SR VP Membership
It’s Summer Time! You might not realize it; but this is the perfect time to start recruiting new scouts. There are so many kids and teens looking for things to do this summer and Scouting is the answer. Get them involved with your unit.

Start by making sure your Unit Pin on is updated with current contact information. We want to make sure families are able to find you. Reply to all inquiries and invite potential scouts to your next virtual meeting. Have one of your experienced scouts call a new scout (with two-deep leadership) to introduce themselves and talk about what your unit has planned in the future. Answer any questions and make them
feel welcomed.

Have you asked your current scouts to invite a friend to you next virtual meeting, event or awards ceremony? Remember….More Scouts = More Fun!

Cub Scout Programs:
How is the planning coming along for your Join Night? Have you come up with a secondary plan on hosting a virtual version? It is suggested to host an event in August and then again in September. Let your District Membership Chair and District Executive know your dates. Mount Baker Council’s Membership Committee is providing free Cub Scout handbooks to new registered scouts from August 15-October 15 and you do not
want to miss out. Units need to have a New Member Coordinator registered and trained, a scheduled Join Night (or two) and have viewed the fall recruiting webinar, available on the MBC website.

Are you looking for ideas and resources for recruiting new scouts? Check out the S’MORES Membership Club (Summer Membership Organization of Resources and Education for Scouters). These are a series of mini webinars covering everything you need to know for successful recruiting.

The sessions are held every other Tuesday at 7:15pm and past sessions are available to review on the Membership tab of Mount Baker Council’s website. There is time for questions and answers after each session.

Coming up we have:

Boy Scouts of America is also running a series of National Recruiting Webinars. Topics cover everything from using Scoutbook, to Den Leader Experiences to Geofencing and Fall Recruiting. You will find the current schedule (and the ability to view past webinars) at

Upcoming sessions include:

You will also have access to “Scout Talk” videos, promo videos, flyer templates and find out how to get Boys’ Life mini-mags online.

There is more!!!

Have you seen the ads yet for Boy Scouts of Americas’ Family Fun Fest? You can build your adventure on August 8 and September 12 on Facebook Live.
Make sure all of your scout families know about the event and start sharing it through your digital media outlets. It will be similar to their National Camp-In and that was tons of fun. Mount Baker Council’s Membership Committee with be setting up “Be A Scout Day” on September 12 in conjunction with the Family Fun Fest. We would like to have all of our units prepare a short video (3-5 minutes) or set up a virtual open house event
to tie in to the festivities. This is a great way to promote your unit and a great way to engage your scouts now in making a video or live presentation. Watch for more details coming.

See, summer time is the perfect time to start recruiting! Get that excitement going and let us share this amazing program with as many youth as we can.

One last note: coming this fall to Fire Mountain Scout Camp is our Cub Scout Adventure Day! Formerly Stampede. This is a huge open house at camp on October 17 for all of our Cub Scout aged youth to experience the adventures of Scouting. There will be opportunities for fishing, hiking, BB guns, archery, crafts and more! Put it on your calendar now. For our Scouts BSA Troops-we need your help running stations. This event has so much energy behind it; we know you will want to be involved, too. Let your District Membership Chair know what type of activity you would like to host.

For more information, please contact your District Membership Chair or District Executives and the Membership tab of Mount Baker Council’s Website.