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General Information


2018 Popcorn Kick-off Information August 13th – How to order for Show & Sell
Trail’s End Scholarship Balance Information August 27th – Schedule and Coordinate Show & Sell; Manage Inventory
2018 Council Guidebook September 25th – Swaps and getting more popcorn
2018 Popcorn District Contacts October 15th – Entering Take Orders and Prize Orders
2018 Popcorn Calendar
2018 Popcorn Prize Overview
Entering Popcorn Take Orders and Prize Orders Presentation  


2018 Kick-off Presentations

Unit Leader Training Videos Why Sell Popcorn
Scout Training Videos Selling Tips
Pack 845 Presents How to Sell Popcorn and Unit Budgets
Show & Sell Basics Kernal Checklist and Webinar Info
Setting Up a Show & Sell Table Selling Online
Scheduling Show & Sell Shifts Social Media and Online Sales Tips
Fill-in Shifts
Training Scouts and Parents

Other Resources

Forms and Spreadsheets

Selling Script and Safety Tips Trail’s End Scholarship Form
Parent Handout Trail’s End Scholarship Redemption Form
Unit to Unit Transfers in Trails-End Return Form
Swap Form
Show and Sell Record Sheet
Show and Sell Order Spreadsheet
Sample Budget Worksheet with Tiers
Popcorn Order Form
Prize Sheet
Inventory Tracking Spreadsheet
Prize Order Tally Sheet

Conducting a Unit Kickoff & Marketing  (Presentation From 2017 Council Kick-off)