Fire Eagle Capital Campaign 2023- 2027

Fire Mountain Scout Camp provides programs and activities year-round to over 4,000 youth, Scouts and families.

Phase I

Bring the camp into year-round operation
  • Upgrade the 51-year-old kitchen
  • Construct a second Program Shelter
  • Construct an iconic program center
  • The Eagle Head Stage for the Kit Carson Camp craft Program Field
  • Replacing roofs which have reached their life-expectancy
  • Maintenance Endowment funding

Additional Phases to continue the maintenance and innovations of camp. 

Phase II: 2025 – 2028 

Phase III: 2028 – 2031 

Phase IV: 2032 – 2035 

Kitchen Update

Project Highlights
  • Update layout and appliances to meet projected needs for the next 10 years
  • Meet or exceed updated Health Department food service standards
  • Make Fire Mountain rental attractive to educational and community organizations
  • Allow flexibility in food service options for camp programs

Developing “Core Camp” into a 21st Century Model Facility 

Additional Phases

Phase II 

Camp facilities and program equipment maintenance fund. 

Current annual planned maintenance needs exceed endowed proceeds. 

Phase III 

A world-class STEM and culinary arts program. 

An improved year-round camp faciliity.

Phase IV

Camp Facilities and Program Maintenance Fund

Anticipated to need $200,000 annually in secure maintenance funding.

Raise the Roof 

End of life and storm damage have made roof replacements critical 
  • Hollander Hall – Camp Kitchen and Dining Hall 
  • Boeing Bunkhouse 
  • Ranger’s House

These roofs have all reached their expected end-of life, falling between 25 and 35 years old, and leaking roofs are causing internal building damage. 

  • Cowboy Action Range

Despite diligent management of our forests, a storm deposited a tree on the roof. This is a much loved shooting sport highlight. 

Fire Eagle Head Stage 

  • Raised stage to facilitate higher quality programs, communication, and safety 
  • Field is used for year-round program 
  • Compliments the overall aesthetic of the Fire Eagle Camp Core layout 
  • Available for units to hold Courts of Honor, campfires, and other ceremonies 
  • Potential for community use – events, weddings, or receptions 

Camp Program Highlights 

  • Scouts BSA Resident Camp 
  • Cub Scout Day Camp 
  • Haunted Camp 
  • Webelos-REE 
  • Adult Training 
  • Camporee 
  • Hike-A-Thon

Fire Mountain Scout Camp provides programs and activities year-round to over 4,000 youth, Scouts and families. 

Fire Watch Tower 

Unique and exciting attraction 
  • Year-round program space 
  • Ability to provide program for 20 to 30 people Nature programs 
    • Photography 
    • Semaphone 
    • Weather 
    • Astronomy 
    • Architecture 

Program Shelter 

Second program shelter 
  • Year-round program space 
  • Multiple seating configurations 
  • Up-to 200 people 
  • Teaching space during inclement weather