Journey to Brotherhood

As an Ordeal member, your focus should be on providing leadership to your home unit. After 6 months as an Ordeal member, you have the opportunity to take the next step in your membership journey and become a Brotherhood member. As a Brotherhood member, your focus now shifts to also serving the lodge. 

Becoming a Brotherhood member publicly shows your commitment to the Order of the Arrow and its ideals. Brotherhood attainment — your journey towards Brotherhood membership — highlights the lessons and traditions learned during the Ordeal and provides you with in-depth information about continuing your involvement on the lodge and chapter level.

Sikhs Mox Lamonti Lodge typically offers opportunities for completing the Brotherhood attainment and sealing the bonds of Brotherhood at most of its regular lodge events. Visit the Lodge Calendar for more information.  There is no cost to complete Brotherhood attainment. NOTE: Your lodge dues for the year must be paid in order for you to become a Brotherhood member in the Order of the Arrow. 

Please contact the Brotherhood committee for more information. Also, be sure to log into to your personal OA Member Portal and take a moment to review Journey to Brotherhood information included there.