Social Distancing Service Projects

Even while at or our Social-Distancing, there are many service projects you can still do to support your local community, the nation and our world. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

  1. Support your local Food Bank
    • Contact them and ask how your unit can help
    • Drive Through Food Drive?
    • Drive Through Food Donation Drive?
    • Make eFliers and get out the word?
  2. Make PPE – Personal Protective Equipment
    • Everyone needs these, some more than others
    • Sew Masks
    • Make Face Shields
  3.  Connect with our Seniors and Veterans
    • Contact Senior, Veteran, and Nursing Homes
    • Contact Memory Care, or Hospice facilities
    • Send a ‘thinking of you’ video or email
    • Make and send cards
    • Give them a call or set up a virtual chat
    • Host Zoom Bingo or run other games
    • Draw and/or color pictures to share with these facilities
    • Read them stories or talk about scouting with them
    • Hold senior interviews
    • Write senior’s biographies
    • Hold a show-and-tell activity
  4. Support your Front-Line Health Care Providers
    • Send a thank-you message to a local hospital
    • Create videos of Scouts thanking essential workers
    • Don’t forget grocery store/hardware/retail workers/utility workers
  5. Help your neighbors
    • Read a story via Zoom to a neighbor’s child
    • Become a neighbor’s child’s tutor – you have skills, share them
    • Help with grocery pick-up/delivery (leave shopping bags on doorstep)
  6. Call your loved ones
    • They miss you and miss talking to their friends
    • Tell them what you’re doing in scouting
  7. Motivate people 18 years and older to donate blood
    • Set up a Blood Drive program
    • Make fliers
    • Give a presentation
    • Post information on you unit’s web page
  8. Support service members overseas
    • Send them letters (send to USO)
    • Put together a care package from you unit
  9. Participate in Cards for Hospitalized Kids – deliver later when safe to do so
  10. Start seeds in your own yard or garden to be transplanted into a community garden at a later date.
  11. Organize a virtual 5k or other fundraiser to raise funds for a local agency, charity, or cause
  12. Help your Charter Organization with what they might need
  13. Contact your Church and see how you can help