Forktapus Award

The Forktapi award was introduced by then-Lodge Chief Moke Keawe in 1999. It was awarded solely at the discretion of the Lodge Chief to those individuals who were influential and helpful to the Chief during their term in office that year. Around 2017, the name of the award changed to the Forktapus Award. The award medallions were discovered at a street fair and are made by Spoonman Creations, out of Salem, Oregon.

Silver Forktapus Award

The Silver Forktapus Award is a Chief’s recognition and “thank you.” This award features a silver award on a chain.

Golden Forktapus Award

Originally the Bronze Forktapi, the Gold Forktapus Award is given to those who performed exceptional service for an event or for the Chief. Beginning in 2020, these awards were Cerecoted in gold due to the discontinuation by Spoonman of bronze/golden forktapus.

Lifetime Achievement Forktapus

The Lifetime Achievement Forktapus was given to members who, over the course of many years, showed themselves as dedicated to the mission and purpose of the Order of Arrow, and continually provided exceptional service to the lodge and Chief. This award features a golden forktapus on a bolo tie.

A list of Forktapus Award recipients is linked below.

List of Forktapus Recipients (Coming soon!)