Welcome to the Staff

Welcome to the adventure of being part of the Fire Mountain Camp Staff. Our team provides and supports program year round to help make EVERY scout’s experience is special when they come to Fire Mountain.

The symbol of the Fire Mountain Staff, “the Fire Eagle”, represents our dedication to keep the flames of Scouting burning bright in the Mount Baker Council. The Fire Eagle is also a symbol of our Staff’s determination to rise like a phoenix from even the most difficult of situations to deliver our mission.

The Mission of the Staff of  Fire Mountain Scout Camp

It is the honor of the Fire Mountain Camp staff, to provide every Scout, Scouter, parent, or guest who comes to our camp a LEGENDARY SCOUT CAMP EXPERIENCE while they are participating in our life-changing programs! We are committed to providing the best facilities, programs, and leadership that will constantly exceed the expectations of all who enter through our camp’s gates. Our Camp is a safe haven for experiencing the best of the adventures and values of Scouting as envisioned by our founders, those who came before us and those who will someday join us as Fire Mountain Camp Staff.

“Our obligation is ancient, our legacy will be eternal, and so we will never give up”

Info for ALL Fire Mountain Staff

Regardless if you are a member of our Summer Camp Staff or Seasonal Camp Staff please check out the Staff Manual and be prepared to provide the following to Camp Management as part of joining the Fire Mountain Camp Staff.

Signed copy of Letter of Agreement (provided by Camp Director)

Signed Code of Conduct

Any of the following you may currently have: First Aid/CPR/Lifeguard and NCS certifications

Copy of your current BSA Trainings:

Youth or Adult BSA Application (based on your age… adults are 18+): to be registered as a Camp Staff member with the BSA. Understanding that as such all camp staff will abide by the National BSA Code of Conduct as well.

BSA Medical form Part A & B

Info for our Summer Camp Staff

Much of our Summer Camp Staff are paid positions that require employment paperwork found below. Futermore because of the long term nature of the Summer program scouts under 18 years of age need to submit additional paperwork also found below.

BSA Medical form Parts A, B, & C –> Needed for ALL Summer Camp 

Needed from any PAID staff

IRS I-9 form

IRS W-4 form

Copy of your Social Security card

Copy of ID (ie: driver’s license, birth certificate, Washington State ID, Military ID)

Copy of Washington State OR ServeSafe Food Handler’s Card (you will be reimbursed the $10 fee for this card).



Needed from any Staff Under 18